Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Training on the Wall

Emily, Honour and Beau undergoing some initial training for their expedition to Everest next year.

The leader of the group Sherpa Peter B was unable to train due to a small blister.

Tuesday, 7 July 2015


The Ordination, as Deacon, of Aran Paul Beesley took place at Lincoln Cathedral on 5th July 2015. 

The ceremony was officiated by the Rt Rev The Lord Bishop of Lincoln, Christopher Lowson.

Aran's studies over the past years were carried out in Lincoln and latterly at Westcott House, Cambridge.

He is to take up the position as Curate in the Parish of All Saints with St John the Baptist in Stamford, Lincolnshire

Lincoln Cathedral where Tintin, sorry, Aran was ordained

The traditional way to start the day ( 8.15am) with a pint (or two ) of Deacon's Draught at the 'the old Wig'

Me and "Botty"

The camera man was Son-in -Law Mike who thought he could have a few pints without Jo knowing.

Deacon Ordination

''The laying on of Hands"

Never thought of our boy as being ANGELIC before?

Aran's Ordination

The Rt Rev The Lord Bishop of Lincoln with his New flock of Deacons

Deacon Ordination

Trainee Maasai Warriors?

Lets all jump for Joy!

Disappointed that the Mitre wasn't tossed into the air!


Aran with the big Boss Man

The Rt Rev The Lord Bishop of Lincoln, Christopher Lowson with the Boy

Aran's Ordination

An extremely proud Mum and Dad

Arans Ordination

A very happy and slightly deranged Deacon

Aran with his Best Man


Where's the Godfather

The Ordination as Deacon of Aran Paul Beesley

The Celebratory Cake

The hair seems a bit darker and more luxurious than the cakes recipient.

Ready for Work

Saturday, 4 July 2015


A surprise visit by my cousin from Mexico City